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Melons stalled, now NO more flowers?

I am growing a sugar baby as well as a crimson sweet in a 45 galon tote (40 or so gallons of soil in it), the plants exploded with growth, vines are stlil growing out, I DID have tons of flowers the last few weeks, female and male, I wasn't polinating right at first.  My Sugar babies popped up 3 melons, they took off fast, but all of them stalled around softball size or a little bigger, haven't changed.  Since then, the sugar baby puts out NO flowers, male or female...   Wondering if as a last ditch effort, I should remove the melons?   The first 2 melons were around 4-5 foot out on 2 separate vines (the vines are around 8 foot now)  The 3rd melon that came up later is like 6 inches from the soil, right at the start of the vine!  

My Crimson sweet only had one melon take to pollination and its still growing great, it just started and is a lot bigger then the baby's already.  It is a little deformed, but I think that COULD be a pollination issue.    I just yesterday found 2 more growing on my crimson and made sure to pollinate, so having hopes.  

So, cut the baby's off and hope I get more flowers?  Or could there be another reason for ZERO flowers forming?  The crimson puts off males regularly, and females occasionally (i've miss the time frame to pollinate many lol) 
moruga welder said:
what a coincidence ! i'm eating some right now !     :onfire:
Ass,  =P =P =P

I most likely wont grow melons next year, I grow on a tiny porch, too much space.  When I get a yard it's on!  lol

edit:  Just snapped a pic of my one good melon, Crimson.  It's mostly round, has a slight indent since "birth" on one side haha, but its growing, for now ugh