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MikeUSMC 2023 GLOG

Hopefully, I’ll keep up with this GLOG this year, unlike the previous few years. I didn’t do one last year but, I think my GLOG (if you can even call it that) from 2021 was literally ONE post :lol: I’ve been working 50-72 hour weeks for the last 2 years (6 days a week), but now I’m back to working 40 hours, like a gentleman… for now :rofl:


Anyway, I’m going to start with that pic 👆🏻 from a few years ago (rather than a crappy pic of seedlings under lights) since that’ll be the pic on the “GLOGS” home page, lol. If all goes according to plan, my backyard should look like that again this Summer :)

On to 2023… I dug through my old seed stash, sowed a bunch of seeds last week, and they all started popping a few days ago:

•Reaper SRTSL F5 (WHP)
•Chocolate Bhutlah DM
•7 Pot Douglah (WHP)
•Jamaican Hot Chocolate (WHP)
•D3 GOAT “Giant” pheno F4 (@D3monic)
•ScotchBrains (@Guatemalan Insanity Pepper)
•ScotchBrains (WHP)
•Scotch Bonnet (WHP)
•Bahamian Goat (WHP)
•Bahamian Beast, Peach V2 (WHP)
•Chocolate Scotch Bonnet (WHP)
•Bhut Jolokia White “W” strain (WHP)
•Super Bhut Jolokia (WHP)
•Star Scream (WHP)
•Aji Pineapple (WHP)

I’m still waiting on a few to pop:
•MoA Scotch Bonnet (WHP)
•Cappuccino Scotch Bonnet (my old stock)
•8 varieties of C. Pubescens from @Thegreenchilemonster

I also put in an order from “Tyler Farms,” in California, for some more seeds that should be here any day now. A bunch of White and Purple varieties :party:

•Genghis Khan Brain Strain (Tyler Farms)
•7 Pot White (TF)
•7 Pot BBG White (TF)
•Moruga Scorpion White (TF)
•Purple Death (TF)
•Purple Ghost (TF)
•Purple 7 Pot (TF)
Sunset Peach Scotch Bonnet (TF): this is probably the pepper that I’m most excited about this year. It’s a cross between 2 delicious peppers; a Yellow SB and the CGN 21500. The pods look absolutely gorgeous, and I can only imagine how they taste. Here’s a link (with pics) if anyone’s interested in checking them out:

The only thing I’m kicking myself for not ordering this year (I still can’t believe that I forgot :doh: ) is the Khang Starr “LEMON STARRBURST.” I’m kicking myself in the ass for forgetting about that one. There’s still time to do so though, so we’ll see… ;)

EDIT: Just put in an order with @TexasHotPeppers :party:
•KS Lemon Starrburst (THP)
•KS Peach Starrkist (THP)
•Reaper Bonnet (THP)
•P. Dreadie SB (THP)
•Chocolate Scotch Bonnet, Giant (THP)
•Bahamian Goat (THP)

Thanks for listening to that long rant/novel, everybody :lol: And, like I said, now that work has calmed down significantly, I’m hoping to be much more active on THP. I missed all of you guys and gals!

PPATB :metal:
Cheers 🍻
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Awesome to see you getting your grow on in 2023 Mike! I think you've got some great varieties on the menu. I'll certainly be following along.

By the way, I have some OP KS Lemon Starrburst seeds from last year's grow, if you're interested. Just send a PM.
@MikeUSMC said: "Bahamian Goat is an outstanding pepper. It absolutely lives up to the hype. I remember the first time I bit into one like it was yesterday. They’re as sweet as candy (to me). Definitely in my top 3 favorites (for flavor) of all time"

I saw you post this elsewhere recently. Love to know what the other two are. I happen to have the Goat and the Beast on my growlist as well. There might be something else I just have to try, ha.
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Love to know what the other two are. I happen to have the Goat and the Beast on my growlist as well. There might be something else I just have to try, ha.
They’d have to be the orange Manzano and a Yellow SB (either MoA or TFM), @Downriver, but a Chocolate SB is pretty high up on my list too!

This will be my first year growing the “Bahamian Beast” too. All I know about it is that (I think) it’s a cross between a B. Goat and an unknown red superhot. I do know that I should be growing the Peach colored one (according to what was written on the seed packet), but I have no idea what the “V2” means (“version 2”?). All I know is that I ordered the seeds from White Hot Peppers in December of 2019, and I have no idea what generation these particular seeds are (F?).
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I got some bahamian beast F3 seeds from WHP as a freebie in late 2018, so I'd guess those are F4's. The seeds I got were expected to grow red though and the one plant I grew, did. I don't remember much about it except that it was a strong plant with solid production. Not sure about the V2 part. Maybe red is V1 and peach V2 or maybe there were two peach pheno's 1 & 2, or...? The red version didn't really stand out all that much to me, but the peach sounds like it could be pretty cool.
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Good on ya, Mike; You've surpassed the ONE post mark!!
Hey now! :lol: My 2017 GLOG wasn’t too shabby! ;)

Set some records this year, man. Love to see it!
The only record I’ll be setting this year is how pissed off my wife’s gonna get when she sees how many buckets are out in the back yard! 😜 😇
Here’s a little update (more for my own notes, so I can see a clear timeline when I look back at this, in the future)

Anyway, here’s where I’m at. Soil is just straight MG Seed Starting mix. Once I transplant them to Solo cups, I’ll mix in a bunch of perlite (when they get up to 0.75 gallon pots, I switch to 5:1:1 mix and start using water soluble ferts):

The 24 cells on the upper right hand side are all of C. Pubescens seeds that aren’t sprouting. Maybe that’s for the best though. I’ve only grown a Manzano and a Rocoto once before, and it was practically torture, watching both plants drop all of their flowers all season long. Between two monster sized plants, I didn’t even get a single ripe pod that year, and I’m not convinced that I feel like putting myself through that again :lol:

Everything else is doing well, although there are a few leggy ones (all of the ones that popped while the humidity dome was still on there, that I didn’t notice initially). Lots of them getting their first set of true leaves, and I’ve got a little fan blowing on them, 24/7*, in an attempt to strengthen up the stems. Going to be time to start culling soon, then transplanting into Solo cups.

The other tray, at the very top of the picture, are all of the seeds from Tyler Farms and Texas Hot Peppers, and they just hit the dirt yesterday morning, after an overnight soak in a hydrogen peroxide solution 👍🏻 I also decided to hold off on a few of the varieties I’d just ordered until next year, because I’m realizing that I want to grow multiples of a few that are already going, and I really want to keep my number of plants below 30 this year.

2023 is officially underway! Wish me luck 😁
Thanks for looking 🍻

*Now that I’m thinking about it, should the fan be on a timer too (like the lights)? Do the seedlings need to “rest” at all? Thanks in advance!