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Mildfruits 2020 hydroponic

Hi all! 
This is my second grow blog. You can find the first one here
I bought a lot of new equipment enough to warrant a new grow blog. 
Quick intro: Due to lack of outdoor growing space I've had to get creative with indoor growing without soil. 
I grow mainly with grodan blocks with automatic watering, from a nutrient tank using masterblend. 
Things that have changed from my last glog: 
I have bought another tent and light. 
I have started growing tomatoes indoor. 
New seeds! 
Also not mentioned in my last glog, but my lights and fans are controlled by a device called Shelly. Useful in everyday home automation, controllable from your phone with timers and monitoring. 
Lets get started with some pictures! 

Heres my new tomato light a quantum board from HLG called 100V2. A little brother to my pepper light (quantum board HLG 260W)

And here's my tomato tent with the light installed. 

Heres my two tomatoes, Sugar lump and Muddy waters. Both are indeterminate, meaning they grow forever, so pruning will be necessary.
And now to the interesting part! 
A quick before and after of my pepper tent: 


This year I have been so lucky to receive some wilds from CaneDog! Lots of cool varieties, more than I can grow unfortunately, but maybe some day! 
I also participated in a european seed exchange witch included some seeds from the US, so I also got seeds from Yekanfam Farms also a THP member. 
Seeds started: 
De Arbol (Fatalliseeds)
Aci Dolma (CaneDog)
Tepin Cappuccino (CaneDog)
C. Flexuosum (CaneDog)
Aji Amarillo (Fatalliseeds) 
Pimientos De Gernika (Fatalliseeds)
Rocoto Costa Rica (Fatalliseeds)
Rocoto San Pedro, Orange (Fatalliseeds)
Lemon Starrburst (Yekanfam Farms)
C. Galapagoense
This years theme is challenge. Previously I failed growing Aji Amarillo and C. pubescens varieties, this year I hope to change that! 
My list needs to be cut down to 6 so this is not my final list. 
I wish everyone a happy grow in 2020! 
This will properly be the last update this year and what a year! 

A quick overview. 

Had an accident this morning, the weight simply got the best of it. 

Here after a quick fix 

Here you can see the branch is "just" bent a little. Hopefully the peppers will ripen anyway after the branch got some support from a string.

Another accident. This is what we in the hydroponic business calls a classic "vacuuming" accident. I think it will be okay  ;)

Stripey roughly doubled in size after getting in the autopot. 

Biquinho is starting to put out lots of pods. 

Poblano. I wish it would ripen up faster, I cant wait to taste it :D 

Mr. Goat, is putting out tons of pods, but im not quite satisfied with their size yet, so I lowered the light as seen here, hopefully that will give it the last bit of energy. 
Happy new years to everyone and special thanks to all you who follow my glog, I love to share my pictures, process and problems here, my GF don't seem quite as excited for a new flower or pod, so im glad I have that outlet here instead  ;)
Next year will be exciting as well, I got a new apartment, with a south faced big glass balcony. So next spring I will tryout soil again, and I have lots of new varieties I cant wait to share with you all. Theme for next year will be much hotter varieties than this year  :onfire:


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Great season, my friend. I hope that your new
south-facing glass balcony becomes the jungle
of your dreams!
That bent branch will be just fine with the string
support. the pods should ripen up as if nothing
happened. I've repaired worse breaks than that.
See you in 2021.
Better times ahead!


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Mildfruit said:
Poblano. I wish it would ripen up faster, I cant wait to taste it :D
I grew poblano in a 4g grow bag and was somewhat disappointed with fruit size. Nothing to complain about the taste though, but not big enough to stuff them. They got much bigger when I grew them in a greenhouse, in soil.


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Your Dutch Chile is crazy prolific; it's not that surprising it struggled under the load.  Doesn't look like a bad break though.  That Poblano's looking pretty heavy too.  Can't wait to see it start ripening.
Oh, and yeah, I did the same thing vacuuming my tent earlier this year.  Got just a little too close then...   :mad:
Happy New Year MF  :cheers:     And thanks for another reason to cheer you on toward success with the Stripey!