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Mini Gro log... kinda.. maybe?

Horrorscope. Bottom watering sucks for noobs in my opinion (no offence to noobs). You can get too much moisture before you know it.
If using individual cells as you are break them up and place into a bigger condo. You are treating them like slaves at the moment, give them some space to space out man!
As said by FDB these need concentrated light if it is artificial.
I disagree, bottom watering is the way to go. I've actually refered to it as the foolproof way to water. You just don't want the top of the soil getting too wet or you're more likely to have mold fungii problems. With good "soil" it should be difficult to overwater by bottom feeding unless you soak the plants really deep.
Personally I'd ditch the jiffy pots and use plastic pots which don't suck away moisture(or stay too wet) or allow roots grow to into them. Jiffy pots have a bad habit of either drying out and then sucking the moisture out of the soil and plants, or staying too wet and getting funky :(
Wpayton0034 said:
Thank you fot the advice... would it be ok then to start putting them in full sun or would I have to wait?

actually if you plan on growing them outside you should have put them in the sun the very day they sprouted. Now that they've been inside for a while there is a chance you will burn them when you put them out, so you have to harden them off over a period of about a week at the most

but yeah, full sunlight is always a great thing for peppers