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Miracle fruit

So I did my little bit of tasting today and here's my feedback on the few things I tried:
Lemons - tasted exactly like lemonade. Sweet and everything
Straight lemon juice - like lemonade, but drinking enough at once had a bit extra less sweet tang.
Peaches - slightly sweetee
Balsamic vinegar - basically the same taste but palatable. Still really sour to me though.
White onion - onion without the burn
Carrots - no different
Earl Grey tea - no different
Small bite of a thai-ish pepper - no difference
Cottage cheese - same thing without the cheese taste
Citrus energy drink (Full Throttle) - same but without the tang. I really liked this
BBQ sauce - really nice. There was less tang so the sweetness and smokiness really stood out.

I was also surprised by how the fruit tasted. I liked it.
just propagate my miracle fruit today.