for-sale Mixed SFRBs and Fatalii SFRBs

In addition to what's listed above, I also harvested some nice Bhut Jolokia White W Strain, 7 Pot Brainstrain Yellow, Death Spiral, Defcon 7, Carbonero Cream and Clavo Peach.  
Here's some of the pods that were harvested today.


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Several SFRBs are still available.  
New SFRBs are available for shipment tomorrow.  
A "Chef's Choice" mixed MFRB is also a possibility.  
Big harvest today.  SFRBs are available and ready to ship.  Everything from hots to super hots.  Not very many harvests are left before the first frost and the end of the season.   
Harvesting tomorrow for shipment on Monday and Tuesday.  Pods are looking really good.  Maybe 3 weeks of harvest left.  Get them now.  SFRBs are available.
Only a couple more weeks are left to the season.  Lots of pods are available right now.  I've processed as many pods as I can for seed, our freezers are full and we've filled up our canning space.  Mixed SFRBs are available.  Get them now or they will become compost.  
I've got 2 mixed SFRBs available.  This is the last of the pods for this year.  
They could ship as early as tomorrow.
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Oh man is that a White Hot Lime? Once either of you crack into one of those would you mind sharing your thoughts? The flavor profile sounded really great but I can't imagine a lime flavored pepper. I planted a few this season but I'm still only a month or so in.
That pod is fabulous.  I wish they were earlier and I wish I would have planted more .... very citrus, very hot and very cool pod shapes.  Plant was huge.  My problem with it .... was very late for me here in Kansas and the production was low for me.  
Final Week.  I've still got 2 mixed SFRBs available.
These are the the last of my pods for this year.  
They could ship as early as today/tomorrow.
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Dang it, I knew I was forgetting something this year, catch ya in ‘22!

I think Harry is currently out living la vida loca. He should be back soon, so keep an eye out. 2021 ain't over yet, lol.