event Montreal National Women's Show... Apr. 29 - May 1

Dunno if this counts as a contest or a cookoff, but...

The Peppermaster, is going to be giving two cooking demonstrations at the National Women's Show at the Palais de Congres, here in Montreal. One on Friday, one on Saturday... We haven't been confirmed the times yet, but hopefully we'll get that soon.

We've called the spot "Cooking with Fire" and Greg will be presenting the purchase, care and preparation of hot peppers. He'll be making his fresh hot pepper poppers to sample and we'll have a booth at the show... Where you can find me!

If you're in the neighbourhood and can get there, (email me for tickets (while supplies last) or 2 or 1 coupons (while supplies last). Hope to see you there!
Good luck with the cooking demonstrations.

It's very cool how y'all will feeding the masses fire. Will you be sampling your sauces? better have a warning sign for that fusion fire LOL. Hot Stuff!

Wish we could be there but Miami is a bit far.
Plus Kato's has just bought a home up north
St.Augustine Florida & will be moving this summer.

Good luck & much success
things happen so quickly!

Moving??? You're moving because I found out where ya lived??? :shock: Now, you know, that isn't necessary. lol. 😉

Warn the masses about fusion fire??? lol, we warn them about the chocolate... imagine this conversation at our booth...

show visitor: "Are they hot?"

Tina: "The hottest."

SV: "You're kidding?"

T: "No ma'am, would you like to try one?", offering sample of Chili Chocolate Passion, "This is our chocolate dessert sauce."


T: "Well, that's one of the mild ones, see, it's on this side, with the wussy sauces."

SV: "Oh... well, I guess I'm a wuss."

T: "Don't take it hard, you're not our target market, dear."