yield more prolific

I only have room for one or the other so I am looking for some opinions...
Ring of fire cayenne or Charleston cayenne for next season?
I am looking at best for flavor, heat, and prolificness (pretty sure I just made a new word)

thanks in advance
I havent grown those varieties, but one that meets your three criteria pretty well is the super chili. I loved those and given enough soil it will produce more pods than you know what to do with. By the way, prolificness works! So do prolificity and prolificacy.
It just got all nerdy up in here!.........(don't worry, it's a compliment these days :shh: )

I haven't grown either, so I'm not much help here....lol

Carry on
Ring of fire is some good pod. Never grew the Charleston. ROF was a good prolificator, yet they took a while to fully prolificate into ripe red prolification!