contest Most Bountiful Harvest! November 2022

The Hot Pepper

Post your bountiful harvest! Gather all your pods for a group shot (say 🧀... I mean 🌶) and let's see the variety and/or quantity of your hard work! You may post multiple pics, but the top pic (pic #1) of the post must be your group shot representing this year's harvest!

Must be this year's harvested pods. Only hot peppers*, no other fruits or vegetables. One entry per person, so gather all your pods! (Fresh, frozen, dried allowed as long as harvested this year.)
*"No Heat" and "Fooled You" varieties allowed, but not sweet peppers like bells.

Winner announced at the end of the month.

Winner receives:
Extreme Membership or renewal. :dance:

Who has the Most Bountiful Harvest?
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Lots of backyard gardeners out there who had some decent harvests. Where y'all at?

Peppers IMG_20221008_171414614 2.jpg

Peppers IMG_20220910_153327947_HDR.jpg

Peppers IMG_20220927_165448467.jpg

Peppers IMG_20220824_080032498 2.jpg
Placeholder post to be updated. I’ve got a habanero bush that’s still going with what easily looks like 100+ on it. The weather has been and us calling to remain warm so they’ve been transitioning from green to orange to red. I am planning for about one more week before pulling the trigger.
The only requirement regarding that is "this year" (harvest/pic) so yes! 2022.
Last harvest of the year:

Not a tremendous variety though. Everything is dying off so I grabbed what was left.
Reaper - 20lb
Ghost - 17lb
Habanero - 24lb
Anaheim - 3lb

I don't think I should officially enter the contest though, if we're going by sheer quantity. I don't think we have any other farm operations here.

Whole freezer with sliced and vacuum sealed pods.
Aji Largo, yellow rocoto, rocoto Riesen, red rocoto, farm locoto, tabasco, charapita, datil, banana, corno-di-toro, giant white habanero, reapers, ghosts, scorpions, and a partridge in a pear tree..