yield Most Productive Pepper Plant

Decided to do a little update from the 2008 post as it has been 12 years.

What has been your highest producing pepper plants yet?

Include: Varieties and all details imaginable. Pictures would be pretty awesome as well.

If someone has already done an update then lets do it again.
I haven't grown a huge selection of hot peppers, though my father used to grow quite the assortment, for many years. The one I have had the largest yields has been murupi amarela, which was sold as Ají Yellow #2 by ChilePlants.com
Each plant produces more hot peppers than I need, for hot sauce, in a year, and I usually plant 4-6 plants.
Ive always found the little berry like chilies to be the most productive, but i would assume thats bc theyre tiny pods and take a fraction of the energy that a large pod would.

Absolute fav small pod - cumari do para. Bonus theseittle guys look great in the flower garden with their thousands of little yellows balls and bushy growth pattern.

And as an aside, sometimes these duplicatio threads are fun, especially opinion based threads.. gives new members and seasoned vets a spot to talk about current favs etc. If there was only one of each common thread buried deep itd be a pretty boring place. Those members that see a thread they do t feel like chiming in on can just abstain from Clicking.

Seems to me I usually find a new gem to grow out in a lot of these o er and over threads, and I enjoy the opinions of others..
Macmex, I don't have previous experience growing the Murupi, but this season I'm growing what is called a Murupi Large Red.  I've heard good things about its flavor and productivity, but my current two plants are still small and indoors and have only just started to flower.  The seeds came from a private source, but I think it likely they're the same as these - http://www.fordsfieryfoodsandplants.com/Murupi-amarela-red?search=murupi
macmex said:
Sirex, I've been gardening for a long time, though I don't begin to call myself any kind of a pepper expert. Having said that, I am so happy to hear of someone else who has grown Murupi Amarela peppers! I think they're wonderful! Are there several variations on them?
Not sure if they are related but the White Devils Tongue looks very similar to the Murupi and was extremely productive the few years I have grown them. I grew the Murupi once, man they threw out a lot of pods!