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Musky's 2015 half-assed glog

Hey gang! It's been a couple of years since I started a glog, so I figured I should give it another shot. I have always been a slacker about updating my glogs in the past, and I expect this one to be no different (hence the title). I will post the important stuff though, and eventually some xxx pepper porn. I promise. There will probably just be some lengthy gaps in between. Just think of it as a condensed version. :lol:
Okay, here we go! The first round of seeds hit the dirt 1/20/15. I'm trying out Burpee organic seed starting mix this time. It's a coco coir based mix that seems pretty nice, so we'll see how that works out. 72 cell trays, 2 seeds per cell (for most). I started some seeds I saved from different years of the same varieties to note any differences and isolate the best phenos. I will be growing in my back yard as always, but I will also have about 100 or so plants 25 miles north of the city like I did in 2012 and 2013.
First round: Chinense
1. 7 Pot Barrackpore 2011   x12
2. 7 Pot Barrackpore 2013   x6
3. 7 Pot Bubblegum (JB)   x6
4. 7 Pot Douglah 2012   x12
5. 7 Pot Douglah 2013 (OW mother plant from 2010)   x12 
6. 7 Pot Brown (JB)   x6
7. 7 Pot Primo 2014   x12
8. 7 Pot Yellow 2012   x12
9. 7 Pot Yellow 2013   x6
10. 7 Pot Red 2011   x6
11. Douglah X ButchT F5   X6
12. 7 Pod Moruga X Bhut F2 (SG)   x6
13. Naga Suomi X [Choco Bhut X Douglah] (SG)   x5
14. Peach X F1(SG)   x5
15. Scorpion X ? F2   x6
16. Better Bhut (SG)   x6
17. Choco Bhut 2014   x12
18. Peach Bhut 2012   x12
19. Peach Bhut 2014   x12
20. Trinidad SB Red 2014   x6
21. Fatalii 2013   x12
22. Fatalii 2014   x6
23. Moruga 2013   x6
24. Moruga 2014   x12
25. Yellow Moruga (JB)   x6
26. Choco Hab 2014   x6
Instead of starting off with a picture of some trays filled with dirt, here's one of my chilehead cat,T-Bone, carrying around his favorite toy... a Brazilian Starfish pod.

Thanks for stopping by, and here's to a successful 2015 for all! :cheers:
Ya,? Cool I guess but im only paying half ass attention to this ;)
No man that is a killer list you have and over 100 plants is not half ass. best of luck with the grow :cheers:

T-Bone FTW
your list isn't half-assed actually it's a good one.Your cat looks healthy and well-cared for....sometimes half-assed is as good as it's gonna get!Good luck on your 2015 grow.
Great List Skol Vikings.

Well, it's been a week and things are starting to happen. Some good, some not so good...

Choco hab was the first to pop and the rest are following along, but what I was surprised to see this morning when I lifted the domes off was a bunch of fricken GNATS! It's that burpee seed starting mix dammit. My grow room has been gnat-free for quite some time and I used new cell trays. All three trays have the little bastards so I know it's the mix. I had never seen it before and just picked it up at Menard's the day i started seeds. It's too bad because I really liked the consistency of it.
Unfortunately  that can happen with any soil mix. Can try watering with a diluted 3% hydrogen peroxide mix to kill the larvae. Do all the other gnat preventatives as well.. I had them poppin up before my seedlings did even. I will be hitting my cups with some peroxide here in a few days. I'v tried mosquito dunks in the past with no success. 
Things are coming along slowly but surely. I potted up March 10th and have 180 plants. I will be growing about 130 of them, and the rest are going to a friend. I turned the heat off in my grow room and raised the lights up in hopes of not having to pot up again before plant out. We will see.

I snapped a couple half-assed cell phone pics this morning...

The whole lot:

A couple of the nicer ones:

Thanks for stopping by! :)
muskymojo said:
12. 7 Pod Moruga X Bhut F2 (SG)   x6
13. Naga Suomi X [Choco Bhut X Douglah] (SG)   x5
14. Peach X F1(SG)   x5
16. Better Bhut (SG)   x6
I just noticed your glog now... can't believe I missed this!
I've got my eye on these four.  Not a lot of people are growing these and they should all be very interesting :fireball: