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pod Mustard mutation ?

Hi Guy's

I'm growing different types of Naga this year one is the Black king Naga for which I bought seeds from a uk chill website.

Some how I ended up only keeping on specimen..........

Now King Naga is Red and the Black Naga is a natural colour mutation and from the black mustard is another mutation........... correct me if I'm wrong.

My Black Naga pods started changing colour a good few days ago possibly as long as a week ! But they have stayed this colour 😳

Do I infact have Mustard Naga 🤔 kind of cool if I do just means I don't have the Black I planned to grow 🤣


The colour of my unripe "Black naga "


This is the colour all my ripening pods seemed to have stopped at ? Most peppers seem to change either pretty quick or in the blink of an eye ..........these guys have been like this for ages ! ??

in my experience the "chocolate" varieties take ages to turn colour (same with peach). black might be the same way, and mustard is i believe just a chocolate that doesn't lose all chlorophyll so stays a colour between green and brown.

I'm growing 5 brown varieties this season none of them has taken this long ti change colour...........


Took this picture 5 min ago all the pod's that started to change from the light green have stopped ar this colour at least 7 day's now I reckon !