wanted Mutant Candlelight wanted (Closed)

If you have it and anything i have interests you please let me know... looking to trade...
Carolina Reaper
Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Red
7 pot douglah
Chocolate Bhutla "crazy hot seeds version morelike chocolate ghost but they claim otherwise"
Naga Viper
Peach Ghost Pepper
7 Pot Barrackpore
Dorset Naga
7 Pot Red Giant

7 Pot OG
BBG7 White PBM
MA Wartyx
Pink Tiger

Brazilian Moruga
Orange Long Tail
Butch T Reaper BTR
Chocolate Primo Reaper CPR
Chocolate Moruga Brains

Apocolypse Scorpion

Peter Pepper Red
Cayenne Red

Black Bhutlah Scorpion
Madballz X
BBG7 Red
BBG7 Chocolate
Mini Peach Bhut Jolokia
Red Mojo
Rouge Noir
Brain Strain Chocolate
Brain Strain Red
Brain Strain Yellow
M.A. Daisy Cutter
Brown Moruga
Chocolate Moruga
Mojo Scoundrel

Bleeding Butch T
Bleeding Borg 9
Borg 9
SRTSL x BBG7 Orange
BBG7 Orange
BBG7 Yellow
Big Yellow Mama
Big Mustard Mama
Big Red Mama
MA Purple Naga Viper
MA Faces
Gotta get that mutant... its tooo kool.. sent a few pm's for people i know have them but they arent on much.... done a number of trades so i am legit... hit me up...
dont have alot of some of these... just got quite a few in trades... if any of these interest you let me know and ifi have any left to trade i will for candlelight mutant and/or blackout
Git all i need thanks everybody... Think im done trading for a while...i dont think im gonna be able to grow every variety i have thanks to all you awesome THP members... THANKS SO MUCH... Wow... gonna be rough deciding what to grow out this season... guess ill just start with everything that is distinctly different and then squeeze in the others if i can...​
:dance: :cheers: :metal: