my chile selction

yea I'm a newbie here, but not a newbie to hot chiles :P :)
but I thought I'd tell you all what I'm gonna grow for 2007- well I'm ordering the plants cuz I'm not great at starting from seedlings :(

2 - aji dulce 1
1 - bhut jolokia
2 - fatalii
2 - habanero neon yellow
2 - jamaican gold
3 - limon
3 - pa 353 red
1 - salsa delight
2 - trinidad perfume

which this is nothing compared to some others here EX 130+ ;) last year I got a good crop from 22 plants, & 2 plants still alive in basement, 1 looks great the other plant is so so but hanging in there I guess?
I've did some homework on which ones I choose this year EX prolific,early/mid/late season, taste, etc...
I'm hoping to keep these plants for a couple of years, I'll bring them inside for the winter.

so if any of you have some pointers/tips,for these choices listed, I'm all ears & grateful for them. & yes I'll be looking through this forum also.
I'm so used to having just red chiles to dry, & tried some others that were green & yellow chiles but those didnt dry great or taste good either. so another question can these others be dried ?
I plan on trying to make some hot sauces with most of them, & eat fresh,or salsa (but I canned ALOT of salsa last season, so I might not need to do that this year) but left overs will be dried.
I'm sure the pa353red, salsa delight should do fine, but what about the rest of'em ? or would they not be good for drying ? & I should plan on using them up in hot sauces & eating fresh ?
quote from imaguitargod//
My suggestion, eat the Bhut Jolokia (aka Naga Morigh) right off the plant (fresh).......

I'm not that stupid :) did you miss the part that I said I did my homework on which chiles I wanted to grow. granted I love HOT food, but I also have my limits. & heck I GOTTA try this chile "Bhut/Naga Jolokia" & this plant I definitely want to keep as long as possible. but most likely it will be in a hot sauce or mixed into foods, but 1st I will try a little bit fresh by its self just to taste it strait up :shocked:

next inline I guess it'd have to be the Dorset Jolokia(sp?) from UK, which I understand that is not the same pepper & is even hotter than the Bhut/Naga