sales My first big client - how much do I charge!?!

Hey everyone! I am so excited, I just connected with a new local restaurant opening that is specializing in Peruvian food. I also happen to be growing some Peruvian peppers this season! Long story short, he's down to buy from me direct before he purchases peppers or anything from anyone else!! I have over 35 varities of peppers on the go right now (Peruvian, Mexican, New Mexican, and some random super hots and mild/sweets). I also grow my chiles on a certified organic farm. Based off the BC Organic price list, and other info I find online, I am thinking of averaging $10/lb, regardless of variety. My wife feels this is undercutting and I should be looking at more $15-$20/lb. He's mostly interested in my Peruvian peppers, but I think he's up for buying whatever he can from me, even a bunch of non-pepper related produce we had discussed.
I want to be fair priced for the overall market, but also understanding I'm "new to the game", and wanting to be a fair price for this restaurant. From our initial conversation this could be a massive win and possibly longterm anchor client to me making this a more professional venture.
Any thoughts appreciated, thanks!
Ask what they are paying now, for what peppers, if they are organic, and in what quantities. This info will help you decide if you can beat it, match it, or ask for a little more based on being unique and organic. It's common in the restaurant biz to make exclusive deals and ask what they do now. There's literally still door to door salespeople that walk around with samples and brochures.
I decided to quote 15/lb. Touched base with the chef today, sent some pics of growing peppers. He said he'll let me know when he's ready to order some food and will see what I have available at that point, but he's "really looking forward to those ajis!" So I guess that's a good sign! haha!
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