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pics My first Buena Mulata

Not a massive accomplishment, but here's the first pod on some late-start Buena Mulata plants. A friend gave me some seeds, and none of them germinated. My jalapenos, from the same friend, took off. I was really keen to get one of these plants going, so I ordered some BM seeds from Semillas LP, and they germinated immediately. That would have been end of May, beginning of June.

I'm in Zone 10 (hot, southern Spain), so I can overwinter on my patio with a pretty fair amount of sun, and I'm looking forward to more of these guys. Also, looking forward to getting better at all this!

Going to collect some seeds and then ferment these in honey!
I’ve never heard of fermenting anything in honey before. Pretty cool stuff. Best of luck!

Googled that. It does!
Good question! I'm not sure what the technically correct term is, but I've been told I'll get some loose, spicy honey for marinading, and some sweet pepper bits for snacking. :)
and the crowd chants... "drink it! drink it!" 🍺
Fermenting peppers in a mead actually sounds pretty damn cool lol, it's a Capsicumel with the intent of eating the peppers instead of drinking it... a little sweet kick to the peppers, would make some good sandwich peppers and help out some of the bitter peppers.