shopping My grocery store score

can't say much more about the picture, it's worth a 1,000 words as the old adage goes. (yes i bought some).
it is almost not worth my time growing ghosts. i've standardize on dorset naga as they produce for me in the same growing year and i've had success with bombay morich once i get the humidity and fertilizer correct. but all this year this store has been selling them for $2.99 a package.  they also had orange habs for $1 but only 4 in a package - didn't buy them.

That's pretty cool.What part of the country are you located? as I haven't seen anything like this available in Southern California.Nice score!
Sign says the ghost peppers are  99 cents a pack.  Looks like 8 pods or so.  Wow, just wow.  Not just the electricity, but just picking them and packaging them I am sure the labor cost was at least a buck a pack.  We are seeing the same with watermelon.  End of season or what ever has brought the price way way down.  Still, I like growing my own and know the price wont last.
I'm thinking they can get a buck per each box of 8 pods if they sell'm quick, or they can get zero bucks for all those pods if they sit too long.  
Man, that's nice. I thought I had a good deal at my local grocery store with some scotch bonnets that were $6 for about a pint size carton. A mix of yellow and reds. But they were super bland, very watery, and no real heat unless you ate the seeds and placenta. And then even pretty mediocre heat.

And I saw some packs of "the reaper" at the grocery store today, but they all had some pretty questionable/rotten pods, so I had to skip it.