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misc My pepper seeds have been trapped in my mailbox, should I be worried?

My mailbox is part of a community mailbox that services our section of the neighborhood, therefore it is under lock-and-key for each box. When my husband and I moved in, we were given bad cuts. I put an order into maintenance and goodness they are taking their time on making us new cuts.

The seeds have been in there a week, it's become quite warm some days (80+?). I'm hoping we can try and rent the master key today, but I'm not sure what to expect when I pull these seeds out.
Do you think this could damage the seed, at all? I have not gardened in many years, so I apologize if this is a silly question!

If you're talking about the heat, I think you're fine. You can dehydrate peppers at 110F, and the seeds are still viable. It was warm for a few days, but I doubt your community mailbox got much hotter than the outside temperature. They need to get you a key. It's time to get those seeds in some dirt! Happy growing!