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issue My peppers are deteriorating and I can't figure out the issue.

I got these peppers from a greenhouse a while back when they were about 3-4 inches tall. They seemed to be doing great in little containers then I moved them to the ground and things took a turn. I then decided to buy bigger containers and move them back. They have now been in these current containers for about a week. There used to be a ton of flowers (which never produced any fruit) but now there is minimal flowers and the leaves colors are changing and curling. Also parts of the leaves look necrotic.

The soil pH is around 6-6.5 and I gave them a bit of bone meal and miracle gro fertilizer.

One is supposed to be a Carolina Reaper, one is a Trinidad Scorpion, and the other a ghost pepper. Not sure how accurate that is.

Any ideas on what to do?


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