kitchenware My Reaper Plant, My smokers and a question about blended spice storage

The "little" green egg on the left is actually the the Large Big Green Egg. The monster smoker / grill to the right ~ I call it "Kong." I can smoke approximately 10 pork butts in 1 overnight session which = about 80 lbs of meat. Give or take. The walls are nearly 2 inches thick and it weighs close to 800 lbs. I've cooked through hurricanes, rain, sleet, snow, it doesn't matter. As long as there is fuel (hardwood charcoal) in there it won't budge +/- more than 5 degrees one way or the other. Set it and forget it. It's run for 24 hrs before..... just because.

Anyway, I'm looking for some glass type storage jars for when I dehydrate and blend up all my Reapers. Like a salt shaker but maybe smaller????? I'd like to give away some as gifts. Maybe even put a customized sticky label on them. ???

Ps, the brown stuff at the bottom of the reapers are the reaper leaves I've trimmed off manually. I figure it = nitrogen. But I'm a rookie.....


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