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issue My seedlings are wilting. What's going on?


I've recently started growing my first peppers. I started by terminating the seeds in tissue and then transplanting to seed trays. Everything has been fine until the first two leaves sprouted and since then it looks like they're wilting.

They have been living in the seed trays with a clear cover on to create a green house. I have read that I should remove the cover now and that might be the problem.

Note: They are on a heat mat and it is cold in the UK atm roughly 20° most of the time.

Any thoughts much appreciated!


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Heat is currently ranging between 20-29c (68 - 84) and humidity 40-45%. I've got no control with the temperature they're actually growing in a heating cupboard so the boiler provides the warmth. They'd probably do OK outside the cupboard with the current weather but I think they're happier inside it.

I think their growth has been stunted by poor watering and poor enviroment at the start. They're all doing pretty good now.

I'll post a picture of the plants.

That's probably a good level for both. If they're looking better, you're obviously on the right track!


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That damage on the tips looks very much like what I've been experiencing.. Kind of an Edema of sorts. It happens when I water and forget them in the still air of the kitchen overnight. I came out one morning and found one of the plants actually had drops of water hanging off the leaves. Then they tend to dry out and become crispy after a while..

I thought I had sprung a leak in the ceiling or something when I noticed it.. It had been happening for a while, but I had no idea what was causing it until I found this one morning:
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