favorite My Yellow Bonnet trial 2023

Hi Guy's

Being new to growing Bonnet's this year I tried Red (Halal shop saved seed), Chocolate WHP, Papa joe's Yellow, Beth Boyd, Yellow Scotch brains Yellow F5 WHP.

I tried the three Yellows along with the other in 5 litre pot's ...............

For me in my little Scottish greenhouse the Yellow scotch Brains just took too long to ripen but some very big pod's but I'm not planning on growing it next year going to try 7 pot brain strain yellow which anecdotally I've heard ripens before the scotch brains 🤞

My mate in Wales told me and highly recommended the Papa Joe (Atlantic seeds) at the last minute I heard and sowed Yellow Beth Boyd (ukchilliseedsco.uk)

Well the results speak for themselves...............one I shall growing again next year as it produced bigger pod's more pod's despite being very late sown plus it tastes good 😋


My Beth Boyd left my Papa joe's right ..............I've already eaten and frozen alot of the Beth Boyd but you get the idea from this photo, both grown in 5 litre pot's imlooking forward to growing it next year in kratky and or 20 litre pot !
20 liter pots should be fine. I grow my chinenses in 18 liter pots. I consider this the minimum for proper growing. But that's just me of course 🙂