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hybrid Mystery Min

I never figured out who the parents of this were, but is the hybrid of the batch I've stuck to growing out.. Unlike the other, very-super hot sister that had orange pods, this one had red pods that were completely devoid of heat. I thought I had a couple of them carry over, but I'm still sorting them out. Definitely my heaviest flowering and setting pepper right now. #2 Trade pot, after living in a #1 all winter.



Original thread where I discussed the F1 generation.
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These were a little more flavorful this year, with citrusy tones I'd expect from a baccatum.. At least this plant was. Of the other two, the scorpion tailed ones are still ripening, looking to have set more pods than this one did.. The pointed ones like these weren't as productive and well above the targeted heat range I was after.


Here's the pointy one with Mystery Min.. Really similar in appearance. Due to the nature and timeliness of the other 'scorpion' one, I'm not convinced it is a Mystery Min, but they are going to red, so I don't know what else it could be from my overwinters.