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Mystery peppers...always label your pots!

So I mixed up all my buckets when I was planting and by the time I realized they weren't in order I didn't know what anything was.  I've identified most of the stuff I'm growing, and I'm fairly certain I know what 3 of the 4 I have here are, but I have one that's just...weird.  I've never grown something like it, so I'm hoping someone recognizes it.
The first two are the 'wtf is this I'm growing' pepper.  The plant currently stands about 5 feet tall, and is sprouting these things like crazy. Each one has 3 lobes. I originally thought it was a 7-pot, but they're not really wrinkled.  They don't look like any habanero I've ever grown either.
The last 3 pictures are ones that I'm questionable about, I have my guesses.  Whatever that last pepper is though, it looks scary!
On a somewhat related note, has anyone ever grown a jalapeno that started out very very pale green, and then turned orange and then red? 
I'll take some pictures when they start ripening, and see what they look like then.  Whatever it is, both plants that survived the spring are producing identical peppers, so it doesn't appear to be a sport or one-off thing.  Thanks for looking =)
So the mystery peppers have ripened, they turned an orangey red, and are dull as dishwater.  No heat at all.  So likely a bishop's crown.  It definitely was a white ghost, and the third was definitely a regular ghost pepper.  The white ones have a nice fruity flavor alongside an excellent lingering heat. I chopped some into some caramelized onions (caramelized with a little sugar) and they were amazing.  The regular ghost peppers smell like napalm when I cut them, and they're getting dried and shipped to friends.  Thanks for the input, I got seeds from hopefully reputable sources this year so we'll see what next year brings!