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hot-sauce Nando's Peri Peri hot sauce

Today I saw a  local store selling a lge bottle 33.8oz , but  had exp dates of <60 days...
Hopefully more will  show up... but this was new to me...anyone tried this one?
They sell giant bottles of that sauce at my local Costco. It's fantastic! I've only ever eaten that sauce at the Nando's restaurant, but I see those bottles at Costco every time I go in there.

At our local Nando's, they have at least 6 different sauces, of various heat levels and flavors. The medium and the garlic sauces are my favorites.
I did a video review of a nando's sauce. Chicken is kinda the go to thing for me with that sauce. It's ok in my opinion but has a limited list of usages in my kitchen. Was developed with the food their restaurants serve in mind. Which is mainly grilled chicken.
CaneDog said:
I'm willing to bet karoo has!
Heard good things, but never had it myself.
Thanks for the vote of confidence!
Yes it's good, but it is commercial sauce so go for as hot as you can get.
It is a South African company , but I'm not sure if those bottles were made here in South Africa.
Nando's started as a chicken fast food outlet specializing in Portugese peri-peri chicken. 
I think most of there local peppers come from farmers in Mozambique.
It's all about the flavor on this sauce, because the medium only has a slight kick. Don't sleep on that garlic either. I've noticed with Nando's sauces, that as you taste the spicier versions of the sauces, the flavor gets worse. Their Xtra hot, which really isn't that hot, tastes significantly worse than their standard medium.
Unfortunately they only have that  one(medium)  in stock,so I'll give it a try..  Thanks all for your input.
It's  a really large bottle...1 liter.
Nandos sauces and rubs have been available in the supermarket in Australia for a while now, but I have never tried it because of the "just another commercial sauce" thing.
Might try it sooner or later, but may have to get through some of the stockpile of sauces I have at home to be able to fit it in the cupboard.
wiriwiri said:
Today I saw a  local store selling a lge bottle 33.8oz , but  had exp dates of <60 days...
Hopefully more will  show up... but this was new to me...anyone tried this one?
I have tried the Medium and Hot.  Not too hot but tasty.  I hit it on a BOGO deal at the local supermarket.  Medium went well with shrimp tacos.
I recently got this sauce in a fuego box, the xxhot version.  The lemon taste was overpowering and had a tiny bit of heat on the finish a medium heat at best. I did not like it on wings but am going to try it on some shrimp or fish.  It has flavor but l mostly tasted lemon...maybe I got a bad batch
Nando's is pretty popular as a chain here in Australia, and definitely in the UK -- the sauces have good flavour, but I agree with the sentiment as that they get hotter (up to 'Xtra Bloody Hot') they diminish in tastiness. Not quite as versatile as a sriracha though.
Personally, I like their "Vusa" (the hottest) rather more than their other "hot" ones but I would agree that, in general, I prefer the taste of their mild items. They overrate everything a little, in my opinion, but their black label "extra extra" is at least hot by restaurant standards and the Vusa isn't too much milder than a typical Ghost sauce. Definitely worthy of my 4.5/10 heat, from what I remember.
In the end, though, perhaps peri peri isn't my thing but I find them decidely ok, both in their sauce range and in the actual food that they serve. Not bad, per se, just nothing great or special.
We have only bought the XX version of this sauce so far.. Probably wouldn't even have thought twice about it, if not for @karoo. Like Edmick said, this sauce seems to be made for chicken.. It also works great with oven-fried potato mixes, and has become our sauce for skillets. Not much on heat, but great flavor. We also use this mixed with Herdez avacado hot sauce on turkey burgers.. :drooling:
Anyone know where to find the hottest version of this sauce.. Seems like it only comes out for limited releases?