Need confirmation: Is this calcium deficiency?

My Jalapeno plant is showing deformed and bubbly leaves mostly top half of the plant. I thought it was caused by thrips as I've been battling thrips for 4 weeks with neem oil (I think I got rid of most of them). Upon further researching, it seems like calcium deficiency may be the culprit. I'll have to ask the experts here.

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Calcium deficiency is one of the causes of this issue.

Are you sure you didnt just neem oil those leaves to become like that. Wash most of the neem oil off using warm water and then observe if the plant becomes better looking in time.
I am having the same issue, especially with pimentos.  Other varieties seem to fair better.  Habaneros were also doing this but a lime/dolomite addition turned it around.  I get a curling of leaves, and in some cases a bronze tint on the leaves.  I have eliminated the over-watering variable, but then again we got down in the mid 30's last night. May boost the Pim's with some more lime?


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Thanks for the responses. It seems like my first step is to feed it some calcium (I'll be using Cal-Mag). @Chilidude, I'll def stop the neem oil treatment for now as the thrips seem to be less of a threat.