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Need Help Deciding

Which One First?

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Okay. So I just received an incredibly gorgeous, and stuffed full box of peppers from smileyguy697.
Here's the list:
Borg 9
Bleeding Borg 9
Chocolate borg9
Kraken f1
Srtsl x bbg (needing caylx)
Boc x reaper f1
Boc x orange Primo f1
Chocolate bbg
The question is, which one do I try first? I'll even video it.
So, just vote however you want, and I'll pick the biggest gnarliest pod of that type, and down the hatch she goes.
Looking to do this in the morning, so whatever choice has the most votes by 7:00 AM PST is where we'll go.
I'll post pics up later tonight.
Don't be afraid to pick the choice you think will hurt the most.
And speak up on your reasoning.
I chose Kraken because I have 2 plants of it growing some pretty big pods and I'm curious to see what kind of damage it will do. I've seen a couple reviews, but I want to see more. :)
I'm with juanitos on chocolate bbg7. It's the only one on the list I don't have but could reasonably get a hold of
I picked the Brainstrain Red only because I have one that doesn't look like a brainstrain but is incredibly hot. Whatever you choose I hope you can let us know what it tastes like before your tase buds fry. :mouthonfire:
Brainstrain Red.  Reason is I am growing the yellow version, but think they will be similar, and also like Bhuter, I too would like to know what I will be up against.
The Chocolate BBG7

Release the Kraken:

Chocolate Bubblegum video is uploading. I'll do the red brainstrain later today, Kraken in the morning tomorrow and the BOC x Reaper tomorrow night. Then we'll see where the poll goes from there. Keep voting :-D