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pest Need help identifying this disease or pest. Pics

Hi All,

Really need some help identifying this disease or pest that has been destroying this specific plant leaves for a few seasons now. If i remove all the leaves with the issue and the new leaves are fine and recovers normally for a short time. these are inside plants, so don't have any natural outside predators to fight what ever this is? but I am stumped and haven't been able to identify to treat the issue for several seasons now.

If you can take a look at the images below, let me know if you have any ideas? Tried my best to get some macro shots of the leaves, these a miniature ornamental style variety so these leaves are really small. like 5mm wide by 2cm long.

pic - 1-min.JPG
pic - 2-min.JPG

pic - 3-min.JPG
Pic - 4-min.JPG
Are those little green dots part of the leaf or are they on top of the leaf and removeable?

Edit: The little green dots look like a miniature version of catterpillar shit on my cabbages. If it is removeable, you probably have some critter eating your leaves. The white parts sure look like if there was a critter gnawing away on the leaf, eating almost all the mesophyll layers and leaving the skeleton veins intact. While it was at it it shitted all over the place. Catterpillars will eat the entire leaf, so probably some larvae of some sort. The brown spots could be decaying leaf tissue due to all sorts of bacteria and fungi wich can enter the leaf after the critter opened up the structure.

If the green dots are not removable you can forget all the above and in that case i haven't got the slightest idea on what it could be though! 😀
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