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container Need help on transplanting to final container!!!

Im getting ready to transplant my pepper plants from 3.5 inch pots into 7 gallon grow bags. I dont get home until 5pm and I live in tropical weather climate in Florida. Is it safe to transplant them at this time in the afternoon? Its currently 90 degrees out. Should I water the plants before putting them into the new container? Any additional info will be appreciated. Thank you!!!
In general, it is best to transplant in the late afternoon/evening. That way, the plants have several hours of darkness and cooler temps to adjust to their new environment and lessens transplant shock. The plants should be damp prior to transplant, but not just watered. You want all the soil to stay with the roots when removing the plant from the pot. Water the plant in after you transplant to the new container. Keep the newly transplanted plants out of direct sun for a few days, giving them the opportunity to adjust. I assume you have properly hardened your plants off. If not, gradually introduce them to direct sun. Check moisture daily to figure out how often you need to water. Do not over-water.

There's several folks here that live in Florida, but I'm not one of them. Perhaps they'll add some FL-specific things to consider.

Good luck and have a great season.