flavor Need "ornamental" that taste really good!

My grow area is too small to grow all the plants that I want to grow. We do have room in our front landscape bed for an extra 6-8 plants. However, my wife doesn't think pepper plants are very ornamental. There has to be some pepper plants that are so prolific, colorful or covered with pods, that even my wife would have to admit they are pretty?

I have grown the annums jalapenos, bells and cayennes for a long time. This will be my first year of growing some chinense hots and a few super-hots.

I would rather not have to settle for any of the typical "Ornamental" types that are tasteless or just plain hot and nasty. We plan on eating, pickling, making sauce and powders with our peppers. And, we want to share our pepper-stuff with friends and our large family.

What good-tasting peppers have y'all grown that look nice enough to be planted right out in the front of the house?
Landscape bed ? Does the area receive full sun all day or part shade. Were you looking for a border, middle or accent plants. If your interested in border plants look for the low growing plants that mound no higher than 8" such as the "Mini Thai, Gold Cone, Birds-Eye Baby or Amish Bush...etc" All are good for drying and powdering. Corner or middle row/ center feature type plants with color either in foliage or fruit could be "Fish, Super Chili, Firecracker, Maui Purple..." These can be added to your sauces fresh or also dryed and powdered. Whichever plants that are chosen, you'll need to constantly harvest the fruit to keep the plant producing, Smaller plants tend to produce all the fruit at once and can shut down growth if not cared for.

Good luck on your choices...
The site gets full sun from about 1:00PM until dark. It would be better if the plant were to stay around 18" to 2 feet or so. The plants will be placed between existing shrubs. I found some "Super Chili" locally and am now looking for "Firecracker" and "Bolivian Rainbow". How do these taste?

Look into medusa. It has lots of color but not very tall. Lots of red yellow and green. They aren't the best tasting but aren't bad and have a light bite to them. Not really hot compared to Habs or bhuts. Reminded me a lot of Thai peppers.
Super Chili is short and gets covered in upright pods. Tabasco produces pods by the thousands, but they can get pretty big 3-4' or more. Takanotsume is a good one, medium size plant, and the pods come in dense upright clusters that are very attractive.
I like Black pearl. Very cool-looking black and green foliage and the small round peppers start off dark purple and mature to red.
mine dont EXPLODE with pods like the stuff you guys are posting right now i have maybe 6 red ones and 7 green ones on a 3.5 ft plant
My birds eye baby: http://bit.ly/1bCP3wK
Sorry for bad picture and its mislabeled (its a birds eye baby, not zimbabwe bird)
Im not home but i would estimate it is about 25cm tall (very small) and its about full grown i think
Hot fish pepper or Purple Tiger have not bad tasting pods at all and look great. Super chilli less for looks and more for production ... Or just bonchi whatever you feel like ...
I have some Chenzo ornamentals that are black when the pods first appear then go green to orange to fiery red plus they have a nice bite to them.
They also produce tons of pods.