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plant Need some help. 8 peppers unknown! Thanks!!

Hello All! I could really use your help identifying some peppers. I dont know if I grabbed from the wrong bag, labeled wrong, received wrong seeds, have cross pollination going on etc. I will post a list of EVERY seed I own in hopes that helps since I cant guarantee I didn't grab something incorrectly back in January. I Really appreciate the help! 
#1  this was labeled as sugar rush red round, but it hasn't turned red and I believe its fully ripe.
sugar rush red round_2.JPG

#2 This one also is labeled sugar rush red round, and although it looks like a type of Aji, it is certainly not round really.......
sugar rush red round.JPG

#3 This is labeled as Bih Jolokia x Sugar Rush Peach. I really want to identify this because its a stunning plant. Peppers blush to almost black prior to ripening to red. Thats the problem, its red and only color I see online is orange..... thoughts? LOVE this pepper!!!
bih jolokia x srp.JPG

#4 I am calling this brainstrain as its not labeled and its skin kind of resembles that? I really dont know and it definitely is red, but i didnt grow brain strain. 

#5 really dont know.......

#6 really dont know..........

#7 this one was labeled as Fatalii :) doesnt look close to me.... I did grow from seed that states you might get an occasional red fruit, but not like this I am sure..

#8  this one is labeled as primo x lemon drop but the shape looks nothing like pictures I have seen online....... truly at a loss and its sad because its a great pepper!!!!!
primo x lemon drop.jpg

Every pepper seed I own:

7 Pot Brain Strain (Yellow)

7 Pot Jonah (Orange)

7 Pot Jonah (Red)

7 Pot Nebru

7 Pot SR (Red)

Aji Ahuachapan

Aji Charapita

Aji Cochabamba

Aji Colorado

Aji Dulce

Aji Fantasy

Aji Golden

Aji Lemon (lemon drop) 

Aji Pineapple

Aleppo (Halaby) 

Bahamian Beast F3 (Red)

Bahamian Best Peach

Bahamian Goat

Bahamian Peach Beast F3

Brazilian Starfish (Orange)

Brazilian Starfish (Red)

California Gold Bell Pepper 

Caramel Stinger

Caribbean Red Habenero 

Cayenne (long slim)

Cayenne (turkish)

CGN 23258

Chocolate Fatalii 

Chocolate Ghost

Chocolate Habenero 

Clavo Peach F1


Corno di Toro

Early Jalapeno

Fatalli (Strain Grew Red and Yellow Pods!)

Ghost WHP (Orange)

Ghostly Jalepeno



Jamaican Hot Chocolate

Jay's Peach Ghost Scorpion

Little Bastard



Monkey Face Yellow


Numex Halloween

Numex Lemon Spice Jalepeno

Numex Lemon Spice Jalepeno

Orange Yaky

Pasilla Bajio 

Peach Ghost 

Peach Ghost Jami

Peppa Peach


Peri Peri (Pili-Pili) 


Primo x Lemon Drop

Red Cumari

Red Savina

Scotch Bonnet WHP



Sugar Rush Peach

Sugar Rush Peach


Tekne Dolmasi 

Trinidad Perfume

Umorok Chocolate

Wiri Wiri

Zapotec Jalepeno

Bih Jolokia (chocolate)

Carbonero White (UFO Shape)

Carbonero White 

Scotch Brains (Red) F1 Cross

Scotch Bonnet MOA

Bih Jolokia x Sugar Rush Peach

Chupetinho (white)

Coyote Zen (white)

Aji Margariteno

Island Hellfire Cayenne

Aji Jobito

Alma Paprika

Arbol (chile de arbol



Farmers Market Jalepeno

Santa Domingo Pueblo

Pimiento Picon

Aji Cachucha (dulche)

Thai hot "Spezzano"

Khang Starr Lemon Starburst

Apocolypse Scorpion 

Peri Peri (thin)

Peri Peri (chubby)

Peruvian White Bullet Habenero 


Habenero Franciscon 

Hangjiao #3 Solar Flare Space Pepper



Jamaican Mushroom

Habenero Paper Lantern

7 Pot Primo

Carolina Reaper

Big Jim

Khang Star Peach Starkist

Khang Star White Thai

Aji Criolla Sella

Aji Crystal

Aji Amarillo

Sugar Rush Red (round)

Caramel Moruga Scorpion

Sugar Rush Cream

I've also been through this, but when you plant many varieties at the same time a mistake in the labeling can lead...to disgrace...or else to new and unique classifications of peppers..assign a name...the most important thing it's the ones you like the most, save seeds and keep sowing