Need Swag!

The hoodies and shirts go to 3XL :party:
Okay so I will do this before, or lined up with new website launch!
How about some t-shirts this style for people like myself that live where it's warm.
The Hot Pepper said:
Would anyone be interested in T-shirts and hoodies with the NEW logo, before the new site actually launches? Just asking. If there's interest I could push it a bit. :)
OK, I'm confused? I keep hearing about a new logo but I ask if anyone's seen it or can post a pic? I'm pretty good at searching but all I can find is 10 years changing name
The Hot Pepper said:
Okay April Fools lol. Got a few of you.
OK - Never Mind!

No one has seen the new logo! It would be silly to put it on this site. The whole site is changing. It will be one big reveal. Unless the shirts etc. come first. :)
Just curious here; any update on the new logo?