pests netting for peppers to protect against things eating pods

Hey all, any product suggestions for mesh/netting (or any other products?) that works for protecting pods from getting eaten?
Any links to click on and buy are welcome :), esp amazon.
My Grenada Seasoning peppers are prized among my family and something been eating the forming pods.

I guess can also try a hot pepper spray to protect against animals eating them (if that is what is eating them).
I thought birds though aren't affected by Capsicum sprays (if birds are what are eating them).
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I have bird netting, I wasnt sure if that was too large for them to poke through the squares. I'll try it out unless anyone else has another suggestion for finer mesh.
What's the damage look like? Any pics?
My sis took a pic and said it was lying on the ground next to the plant: