New guy here.

Hi guys!
First of allI want to draw the attention of administrators that the captcha needs to be updated. The newest hottest pepper is Pepper X.

A little about me too, I am from Bulgaria. I love chili and growing plants in general. I want to learn hydroponics, so I will join you, hoping to find the information I need.
Welcome! What sort of lighting system are you wanting to run, what sort of hydroponics set up? I did recirculating deep water culture for a long time and it was a lot of fun. I was fighting the heat of HPS bulbs so I was running an external reservoir with an aquarium water chiller to help keep temps in the safe root zone. Found it was a lot easier to run a neutral soiless medium like coir on a drain table. I have my peppers indoors, running LED's and fox farms ocean forest now.
I will run Lumatek Attis 300w LED in a 90x90cm box.
Iwant to grow peppers in hydroponics (DWC), but I have a few major holes in my understanding of this method. I can't understand the concept of fertilization in hydroponics.
I have bought the full range of GHE fertilizers with all additives. I have also bought PH and EC meters.

I can't figure out where to start.
There is a dilution table on the fertilizer label, just for example let's assume it says 10ml per 1 liter.
If we assume that my bucket is 10 liters, should I add 100 ml of fertilizer in 10 liters of water and put the pepper in this solution?
Or do I add a small amount of the diluted nutrient solution to the bucket water until I hit the target EC and PPM ?