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Hello there from BLAZING HOT Arizona! 
I've been growing peppers in my greenhouse here for about 6 or 7 years, each year getting a little more into it.  I have now finally perfected my own special hot sauce that I really love.  Last year I grew a nice variety, even Carolina Reapers.  But the seeds I saved did not ever germinate for this year :cry:  
We also grow in a greenhouse, in large pots.  We even decided to get the 10x12 greenhouse 2 years so we could expand our variety.  Last year I had a problem with spider mites, and this year it is gnats!
I really love this forum, it is put together so nicely!  I have a few forums of my own which it where I got the name 'bullmama' from.  I love English and French Bulldogs!
For my greenhouse plants, I found that using pesticide killed all bugs (good and bad) and left only bad survivors.  So I'm trying a more natural approach by not using much at all but these gnats are really bad.  I do have neem oil + dawn dishsoap + water combo but I'm curious if that is the best route..... so what do you all use?
Looking forward to learning from the Hot Pepper pros here and making the most out of my pepper plants this year! 
hello, and welcome
as you probably have already discovered there is lots of good information and plenty of fun friendly people here :D
It's so much more than just growing peppers though, there so many amazing food pics
there's a  brewing section which i myself have still yet to really check out *kicks self*
there's an amazing Burger Showdown / Throwdown  that you can vote on right now, and even participate in next months throwdown if you got the time :)
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anyway, what i'm trying to say is :welcome: and i think you'll find this place has much more to offer than just Pepper growing info 
Welcome to THP

I personally use mosquito dunks for fungus gnats. I fill a 50 gallon drum with tap water. I let the chlorine evaporate for a day, then i add a mosquuto dunk to the water. I have also applied crumbs of mosquito dunks on top of the soil.

It doesnt kill the adults just the viscious larvae stage.
Welcome aboard shipmate!! :) hit those growers forums and all shall be revealed. :) you've found the place all chili head's come to play!!! Won't find better people or better answers to all your chili needs.

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