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New Pepper Color Mutation???

              Hello guys, I have been growing these very large cayenne pepper strain. Well, I came across this one pepper that was out of the ordinary. The whole pepper is brown!!!! Is this a mutation>? I was wondering if I grew out the seeds, would I have a chance to discover a new brown strain for this cayenne?If I was to keep it on the plant, I don't think it would have changed colors.  Also have you seen a bigger cayenne strain? I have been shocked with how big these pepper's are getting. Thanks, any help would be sweet. 
Here's Pics:
they look like either CHILE NEGRO or PASILLA they are  large chiles from Mexico commonly used in Mole sauces
out of the two my guess would be Pasilla
could be a cross between PASILLA or CHILE NEGRO, from what i know these do not turn red in there pure form when mature
thanks your friend Joe
I looked up the chili negro and it says at about 4000 scoville max. This cayenne strain is at about 80,000sch. Also they have different pod shape.
are all the ones in the picture from the same plant? I have cayenne hybrids that turn that dark muddy color before ripening red. I think it is just not fully ripe