lighting New To Grow Lights

Hi all. So I started early this year and had very good success with the exception of a couple of varieties. So yes, I was a bit bummed out as these were ones I had looked forward to growing this year. But anyways, I have had enough with this weather as we just got hit again with a 2+ day storm and are now again under a lot of snow with 2 more storms apparently on the way. So I had decided to try using a grow light for next year. So I ordered one and should be here this weekend. But now that it is almost here, I want to try it out and see if I can get a couple of peppers up to speed with the rest I started in February, or late January that have been in teh south facing window. I do not have a grow tent yet, but will just see if my grow light will help out in any way. The way I see it is that the way things are going, I have at least 6-8 weeks before I can even remotely think about taking my babies outside to harden off. Now I have to do some reading as to when to start using the light, how high above the pots to keep it, and how long to keep the thing on. I found a cheaper light, but for teh few dollars more I bought this 10" x 10" thing. I usually start 36 - 4" pot sin two trays so I think this light will work for me for next year, and probably be overkill for this years late start. ANyways, looking forward to doing some more reading and research.

a growtent is not needed, a good lamp should be enough. growtent will just make it worse for the pepper as the humidity will ruin the peppers longterm inside a growtent. atleast was so for me, growtent made my peppers look depressing, once i removed the door and keept it opened all the time it slowly recovered and became healthier, just have a normal household heater close to where the peppers will be grown.
Thank you all. I too was a bit worried about using a grow tent, but thought why not. So I did order that too now. Price is almost way too good to be true for what I ordered. 32" x 32" tent, LED grow light, grow bags, and a fan and filter for it as well. Once I receive the package I will share it with you here, as I just do not want it to be a major flop and string anyone else along on something that seemed too good to be true pricewise. My experience with my greenhouse in the window also was exactly as Sinder posted above, so I did actually rolled up the door and used it as described above. I can also do the same with the grow tent should I need, but hoping the fans will allow me to keep the door closed. This is honestly mainly for starting my plants yearly and was originally not intended for wintering any plants. But things may change.