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health New to Growing Chilli

Hey all,

New here, and new to growing chilli. Was hoping you could look at this photo and tell me what's going on with the plant in the middle.
3 different plants, same pot, transferred at the same time about 4 weeks ago. The plant on the left is a Cayenne, on the right is a Habanero, and in the middle is a Jelepeno. The 2 plants on either side are going great and healthy, the Jelepeno in the middle is nice and green but the leaves have curled up in on themselves. Not sure why, am I doing something wrong, is this still okay? I live in Queensland Australia, we have just come out of a mild winter nothing crazy and the plants get a solid 7-8 hours of sunlight. Any advice is greatly appreciated. :halo:
Chilli plants.jpg