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issue Newbie grower, stunted peppers after broad mites

Hi guys!
Im new here, its my first post. Also new to growing peppers - thats my first season (hopefully of many to come).
I'd first give some details:
- i have 2 habanero & one yellow chilli that i grew from seeds. They perform well so far.
- there are other 11 plants that i got at 23rd of Apr. from local place.
After few days, i realised some of those 11 plants were infected with something.
Here are photos from the 23rd when i got em:

After asking around, i realised it's broad mites. I managed to get Abmactin only in 1 week and for that week i decided to go with a temporary weak solution that i saw on youtube - mixed dish soap with olive oil, water and 5% acid. I sprayed it on them. Most of their leaves dropped.
I was sad, at the weekend i got the abmactin and sprayed it as well. It seemed like the infestation has ended.
I also chopped some parts with bad leaves.
Since then i grew them inside under a 24w grow lamp, they were stunted. They all were in 0.5L pots. I ordered bigger pots (6.5L and 11L) and also checked their roots and chopped them. One had root locked, the rest were almost locked but not.
This is them now:

Yesterday i transplanted all of them into the bigger pots.
First question- i saw some threads regarding broad mites, i wonder if future pods will be damaged?

Second - why do they have this curled leaves?

Third- this plant doesnt grow at all. I chopped some of its roots while transplanting yesterday. Any idea why? Also the color of the stem of the leaves is becoming brown a bit:
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Continuing (20photos per post argh)

Brown color:

Fourth- this one has the biggest broad mites infestation (and maybe something else?). It hasnt grown. I trimmed two of its stems few days ago, and yesterday trimmed its top. It is gonna die? Its completely stunted. 0 growth for long time. It was also root locked until 1 week ago.

(There are photos of it from 1m ago up^^)

Fifth - this one never grew its leaves again after the soap mix killed them. Since then it tried to make flowers. I think its stressed. Sometimes i pinched the flowers. Its leaves are also too curly in my opinion. What do you think about it?

Sixth - again curly leaves. What should i do about it? This one actually grows but slowly.

Seventh - this one grows nicely. I'm worried that its rounded malformed leaves are result of the broad mites and this cannot be fixed. What do you think?

Regarding the soil- its a ready to use garden mix with all the good stuff. I added 8% vermiculite and 8% perlite to it.
Watering regime - i made a full flush (until water comes out) 4-5 days ago. Except that not much watering.
Never fed them with any kind of fertilizer/nutes.
I watered like 1.5L for all of them during mixing the soil and since then no watering (2 days). Its about 25-27c degrees here during the day. Cant tell about humidity but quite humid.
I tried to be as informative as i can to avoid missing information. Lets hope the images would work...

Thanks in advance. I highly appreciate in advance any help. Wish you all great day without those suckers - broad mites... !
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