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review Nigel`s New Reviews - 2020 edition

Hello, Nigel.
I have some plants ripening right now. I'm waiting on (2) 7 Pot Cinder plants, but these are ripening:

CGN 22184
Wild Galapagos Frutescens
OG BrainStrain from Chris Phillips
Caramel moruga
Pimenta Puma
Purple flower BBG (Orange)
I scream Scorpion

Let me know if you feel like trying these out, please!
While Nigel might be back, it's infrequent....
Nigel said:
Ok friends and colleagues, I guess I'm back. I`ll pause for all the blaspheming and puking at this point................. :lol:
After a few years of life getting in the way, I will be doing more reviews later this summer. I have a number lined up that I expect to light me up like Christmas at the North Pole. I've hardly had anything hotter than a habanero in maybe 3 years. Ouch in advance!
If anyone has a suggestion, please let me know and I`ll see if I can find it. 
I truly wish everyone on THP has been well and growing splendidly, as I would expect. 
Looks like this is shaping up to be the summer of long-overdue comebacks.

Sorry for disappearing, I'm starting my own vintage guitar repair/restoration business and the legal crap is driving me nuts, plus I'm snowed under with old guitars. Ah well!
My PM box is now empty (last messages, 2016  :rolleyes: ). 
Hope everyone is having a good season. I'm only growing wilds and the California heat is stopping most in their tracks. 
I`ll try and look here much more often, so apologies again.
Nice to see classy THP fellows like you coming back once in while!
I don't dig pepper reviews too much but yours were truly entertaining and straight to the point.
I'd like to see more wilds and "vintage" varieties reviewed.
Your new business sounds great! I mean literally... :)
All the best
Seems several guys here work on guitars. I wish you great success with the new buisness ventures. California is usually pretty dependable with the heat, but looks like we're coming outa that now. Hopefully the freeze waits.