chinense No Reap, C. Reaper

Out of the 3 Carolina Reaper Plants i ended up raising (C. Reaper Seeds Directly from Puckerbutt) 1 Plant turned out to be a Chocolate something? 1 is for Sure Reaper, and then this Plant that did NOTHING besides Grow LUSH, Not a Flower, Obviously no Pods. What would cause this?

The Lush Plant in the front is what i am talking about. The middle is the only actual Reaper, and the end is the Chocolate Mystery? Again, The Seed came directly from Puckerbutt as Carolina Reaper

This is all the Plant Did, Grow THICK Lush, But no production?
My brown bhuts did almost the same thing. They just kept growing, no flowers, no pods, no nothing for months but since my climate is warmer im starting to get pods now. For whatever reason you got a plant that just wanted to keep growing and the season is now at an end.
Bring it inside if you can and give it some T5 HO lovin and a fan for circulation for a few months.