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pod No seeds and unexpected pod

I am just getting my first ripe pods from my first year growing peppers and on one plant in particular which was grown from seeds that were supposed to be a Peach Fatalii I have noticed some odd things. The first pod to ripen ended up being much smaller than I expected it to be and a lot more orange than the paler peach I was expecting it to ripen to.

This picture was from about 5 days ago and the entire pepper ended up the darker orange you can see at the top here and was really small at less than an inch long and looks completely different to this pod which I thought was going to be the first to ripen and is about 2 1/2 inches long and much different in shape but on the same plant.

I just picked and ate the pepper from the first picture and while it was really tasty and had fantastic heat that had real longevity that I would expect from a Fatalii I am very confused about a couple of things and wondered if they were normal.
Firstly the much darker colour than expected and the variation in pod shapes. This shapes seem to be 2 types all over the plant with some looking longer and knarly and others looking quite short and pretty smooth.
The second thing I found surprising was that when I cut open that first pod there was absolutely no seeds inside. It was my understanding that peppers ripened only once the seeds were fully formed so why would I have a ripened pod that has no seeds?
If anyone has any insights it would be much appreciated.