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Norwegian Kratky Grow 2022

Hi Everybody, and welcome to this growlog! I'm always looking for input and feedback!

I grow in Kratky hydro for the first time, so this should be a steep learning curve! So far I have about 70+ varieties in this grow tent (3x2m) but some plants will move to new locations as we move along.

My biggest concern isn't really that I have WAY too many plants for my limited space, my concern is all the fantastic seeds and varieties I haven't started yet :)
If I don't start them soon it's so late for this season. Would love to grow some more rocotos etc

The outdoor season in Norway is short and cold, so growing peppers here you have to be an optimistic idiot like me, and be prepared to use a lot of time and energy for every fruit you harvest.

I'm mostly after the tropical Caribbean chinense flavors. Habs and Scotch Bonnets (and close relatives) make up about half of my plants! Some of you may already know me from Instagram and Facebook, but I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you others!


Sugar Rush Peach (bigger pods version from Chris Fowler)


Carboruga Yellow


Judging me hard for my stupid decision on growing 70+ plants in the basement


My girlfriend in this awsome Pepper Guru tshirt


Rootporn (SFW)



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🤔I'm growing Primo x Butch T yellow too but according to the picture from the seller's website the skin should be more rough/gnarly... I don't know this particular one but Rocco usually releases F4+ seeds when it comes to his own crosses. Could this be a new color variation of your Beast?

Whatever they are they look good!
🤔I'm growing Primo x Butch T yellow too but according to the picture from the seller's website the skin should be more rough/gnarly... I don't know this particular one but Rocco usually releases F4+ seeds when it comes to his own crosses. Could this be a new color variation of your Beast?

Whatever they are they look good!

Thanks Bou! I asked Regan (flamin devil) who provided me with the Primo x Butch T yellow seeds, and he said exactly the same as you. So I guess I just have to wait and see. Maybe the pod shape also changes a bit on the second flush. A mystery :) I like it.

I don't think Beast is Roccos cross. I can't remember who made it, but Tom Kleinfelter sent them out to growers worldwide some years ago. They were around F3 then I think. I don't know enough about genetics, but I guess there is a possibility that it could be a yellow pheno :) But Beast is also supposed to be more gnarly I guess.


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Surprises, spontaneous phenotypic expressions and unintentional crosses are sometimes very cool indeed! Keep us updated🤘

My first little harvest of the mislabeled plant. I found the label, and its a 7 Pot Yellow :) The fruits look a bit more orange in the picture than in real life, but they are slightly orange, and also taste orangy which I don't like :/

-Heavy producer early in the season
-Beautiful plant with perfect growth pattern etc
-A lot of aroma/flavor (just the wrong one)

I want to try making a cross with something else! I have some ideas :)

But I might try to dry these pods into a powder and see If that improves the flavor profile


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Looks like a nice, sunny day there, @Anders!

Plants look like they are enjoying it!

Doggie, too!
Pastel Yellow
(Big yellow mama x yellow bhut jolokia) from Flamin Devil in Tasmania.
This happy plant is finally moving from 5L to 33L Kratky hydroponic reservoir.




I had to trim back some of the brown roots :/



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Awesome plant, my friend!

That will be a veritable tree come mid-summer!


These babies are the beginning of a fun breeding project to see if I can make some tasty, hardy, early plants, that can thrive outside here in Norway.

I have grown a commercial C.Annuum variety for a few seasons that always produces very early and has impressed me with its hardiness. It's like a low heat yellow jalapeño type of thing, but it’s made for large-scale commercial growing, and supposedly has some good genes against various diseases.

But when it comes to flavor… not so much. There are some lemon notes, and maybe some fruity background if you’re being generous.
So I have decided to make some crosses with it, and see if I can keep the hardiness and earliness while adding some interesting flavors as well.

And for flavor, I'm all about c.chinense! So it had to be an interspecific hybrid (c.annuum x c.chinense).

I have actually made used a few different pollen donors, but here are the first two:

Aji Mochero

This chili comes from the northern Andes region of Peru and has been cultivated there for over 2000 years. It’s extremely productive and fairly early flowering. Hardy for a c.chinense! The flavor profile is very fresh and citrusy. Perfect for fish etc.
Maybe not THE most interesting c.chinense flavor, but I think it could result in a very hardy, early, good producer that could do very well outside here in Norway.

Papa Dreadie Scotch Bonnet

This variety was initially brought from Jamaica by Amarillo, Texas musician and chilehead Erin Mason (known as Papa Dreadie) Erin grew this variety for years, painstakingly choosing the best traits. The flavor profile, like all bonnets, is very tropical. But this one is more on the lemony side. Very tasty!
I would love it if some of the intense bonnet flavors could be found in future generations!

This first-generation is mostly about finding some good plants to collect seeds from. Next-generation (F2) is when the plant will show all the different possibilities within the genetics, and that's when I need to grow out a large number of plants to find the traits I'm looking for. Who knows ? But the most important part for me is having fun with it, and learning a lot!


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Those plants look great!