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not a wiri wiri

not looking for a pepper id cause i don't care what it is.
did a trade with member greentea back in 2012/13 and the only thing i thought of his tiny collection that was worth trading was his wiri wiri seed.
spent the last couple of years trying to grow them but they would hit 3" then just crisp up, not shrivel and die but just turn crispy brown and kaputs.
did something different this year, got 2 large plants and 1 has a pod. but shit!!! turns out they are not wiri wiri or at least 1 plant is not.
so if any members did a trade with member greentea for his wiri wiri...........toss them.
man am i disappointed, especially after member Nigel did such a terrific review on the wiri wiri last season.

The Dong Xuan I got in a trade last year turned out to be Aji Pineapple. Not so bad cause my Aji P that I started this year did not sprout.
Meh, it happens. Can't remember who gave em to me.