pests Not sure what pest causes this

Hello all,
I have always had this pest in my garden somewhat.  It seems this year it is affecting more plants than usual.  The pest seems to attack just the leaves.  Here is a pic from 3 different leaves at various parts of the garden:

Any thoughts as to what causes this?  Thanks!
Huh, ok.  Looks like I need to remove these leaves from the infected plants.  Thanks for the ID.  I thought it was an insect....
Edmick said:
Looks like BLS. Aka bacterial leaf spot
I have to disagree on that one.  From my experience, BLS damage doesn't have clean holes like this.  The middle leaf especially looks completely different than damage caused by BLS which usually has large black/brown borders around any small holes.
Your plants and pods will get eaten by insects to a point every year if you're growing organic, I usually don't worry about it unless it starts to seriously hamper the plants growth and/or pod production.  No clue what causes damage like what you have, when in question, Neem.  If that doesn't help, start looking around your plants for leaf eaters, if they aren't out during the day, check at night.  You're looking for things like caterpillars, beetles, etc.
That's definitely pest damage... I am just trying to remember which one.  It's very typical damage of a very specific pest.  Bear with me.  I'll remember.  But in the mean time, get some Neem treatment going.