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Nuggets in the Mail!

I needed some unique plants for this season and decided to go with hops. The ones I got are Nugget - apparently great for pale ales. Two of them will go in front of my house, behind some hummingbird vines (also massive plants!) and two will go in my raised bed at the Fairgrounds. At both places, they will have at least 20' to climb.

At first, I was thinking of using bean (pea) netting but from a couple of growers' sites, they use rope, not string! It also appears they like ferts such as Garden-tone and Bone Meal, not lots of nitrogen. Hopefully, I'll have some good pix this summer.

cool man i have one bine of fuggles which is still growing and also had a champion but was un lucky with that one as other plants cut out the light. first year they get established and the second year!!!! crazy! good smell and a mte uses them for dry hopping his beer
good luck, hops are super fun to watch grow.

i planted 4 rhizomes this march(my first year ever) and they did excellent, tho they stoped at like 15 feet, i think i put them out too early to be honest. i have them in plain jane promix BX nothing added, i feed the same nutrients i feed my peppers.
i dont know much about hops, but i trained them up regular cheep nylon 3/8" cloths line string.i get the impression that you could send like three bines up each string, but i only did one each.