chinense NuMex Suave red was awesome

I grew 5 of them this year and they are BY FAR the best "aji dulce" type ive grown. Nice flavor, "smell hot" and really nice size pods. The plants got huge too. Like nearly 5ft tall in a 4x4 raised bed using lots of my own compost mixed with some bagged planting mix Costco had on sale. Hardly used fertilizer all year in my raised beds other than Chick-N-Poo and some alfalfa meal.

I had 2 more beds like this also. One with southern collards from rareseeds and another with Antep Aci Dolma. Both those beds also cranked. I was about sick of eating collards all the time. :P .....On a side note Fords appears to be gone but i did manage to get some seeds from him last year. I also had seeds from Refining Fire Chiles and they appeared to all grow true. Some had pretty solid heat and very sweet too. So if you need seeds RFC antep seeds look to be legit.
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