chinense OBEAH F1 - Reaper x MoA Scotch Bonnet

On behalf of STEVE954 Fort Lauderdale I have been asked to post pictures of his creation OBEAH a Carolina Reaper x MoA Scotch Bonnet

OBEAH is a term used in the West Indies to refer to folk magic - sorcery developed among West African slaves against their European Masters. I think you will agree some magical sorcery has been used to develop this hybrid

OCD Chilehead said:
Great looking pods John. I wonder what the flavor will be like? Looks prolific.
Thanks for sharing.
Hopefully Chuck Steve himself will give us a review .... Totally agree with Roberto's post however crossing varieties in itself is subjective and emotive .. there will always be those who say " if it ain't broke .. don't mend it" both varieties are winners in their own way ...

I am pleased for Steve and OBEAH looks like a real winner
Thank very much John for starting this glog. Cheers my friend.

This pepper is a work in progress. I have 7 plants from 3 crossed pods. Last year I grew 2 Reapers seeds from puckerbutt. Crossed pods were plant 1 pod 1 or "p1p1", plant 2 pod 1 "p2p1", and "p2p2 ".
3 p1p1 plants, 1 p2p1 (crossed pod only contained 2 seeds ) I kept 1, I sent the other to Jamison. And 3 p2p2 plants.

All pictures you will see will be from p1p1. The others will not be grown out any further. Pods are going into dehydrator, seeds and all. Reasons being is I believe p1p1 is far superior.
P1p1 was crossed with my largest and most productive MoA Scotch Bonnet plant and Reaper plant 1 threw out picture perfect textbook gnarly reapers. The results panned out the way that p1p1 is the Arnold and the other two crosses are more like the Danny Devito's.
As for the flavor and Heat.

Intense Scotch bonnet flavor and aroma. Even when immature and green, the aroma is that of a scotch bonnet. Very sweet. Hints of floral habanero, very very sweet. Clean.

The heat is immediate. Spikes high and fast. Dissapates quickly as well. Does not build like the reaper (very unexpected). Kept going back for more.
Those are some huge pods the sweetness & flavor profile I like!
What would you say the heats around compared to the reaper ?
I like the fact the heat hits fast & does not stay around long .
It sure sounds promising !