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Ordered some fruits and berries

I've been waiting for this! Alas, having to rely on customers to pay is sometimes a PITA, but at least a couple did. Got everything from RainTree Nursery. There are much cheaper nurseries, but I like their rootstocks and customer service. Plus, their trees are usually much larger.

My Sweet Cherry: Vandalay Cherry on Gisela 5
A tart one: Montmorency Cherry, also on Gisela 5. Got lucky with this one - they were Unofficially sold out but they keep a few extra trees around for special projects. I had talked with them before about wanting this type as it is suppose to be ideal for my climate and they had saved it for me!
Three Triple Crown thornless blackberry plants in 4 Inch Pots. This has become the premier blackberry and should produce some berries this summer.
One hundred sixty TriStar Strawberry plants. I would have preferred Ozark but they do not sell them. Tristar resists red stele, Verticillium wilt, powdery mildew and leaf scorch.
Five Caroline Raspberry plants - free gift. Red, everybearing, among the highest in anti-oxidants. One of the largest raspberries.

They are suppose to ship the first week of May. I'm excited, though I don't know I'll plant the rasps. It's a welcome problem, though!

I was going to hold off on the other fruit trees until this fall but I'm so tired of sitting on my hands, unable to get in the garden. So I ordered the other four fruit trees I wanted.

Two apple trees: Dayton and Pristine. Both are supposedly great for eating but the Pristine is also good for baking, making applesauce, etc.

My Peach is an Avalon, partly because that's the name of the street I live on - it will be easy to remember its name! A semi-freestone, good for eating, baking or canning.

The Apricot is Harglow. Self-fertile, medium to large fruit, deep orange color.

The apples are semi-dwarf, the others dwarf!

Very nice selection! Wish I had room for that many trees here. I have two dwarf apple trees, a dwarf peach tree, a couple of grapevines, a red currant bush, and a small strawberry patch. Would put in more if I had the space.

Not sure if I'll ever get enough apples or peaches to do anything. This is year three for the apples, and one of them has yet to bloom, even though it gets fuller each year. Year two for the peach tree and no blooms there either. Our late frosts don't help things, but I know it's possible to grow them here, since I've seen them on other people's properties.

Anyone congratulations on you mini orchard!

I hope I have the patience to wait on the trees to produce fruit. One thing that may make the time shorter is the trees, at least the cherry trees I ordered earlier, are decent size - 4' or more above the graft.

My apple trees are later summer - the Dayton is suppose to bloom in August, the Pristine a couple weeks later. Close enough to pollinate each other.

I will be babying these things. At the rate I'm going, between the fruits and veggies, I may be better off buying and mixing the fertilizer ingredients myself! But I also really like the Espoma products.