pics Over wintered Dorset Naga first flower of 2023 !

Hi Guy's

This is the first time I've successfully overwintered a superhot chillie plant my Dorset Naga plant "Jethro" it was in a 15/20 litre pot in he greenhouse last year cut it back removed all the soil cut back the roots and down potted to a 2 litre pot. Lots of perlite in the mix I'm pretty sure is the reason it survived where other's perished in the past.

It's currently on the window sill in the spare room just potted it up to 5 litre pot and putting out in the greenhouse during the day if it's warm enough obviously bringing it in at night.

Last year was my first season with chinense I had a HUGE problem with flower drop but I was advised to mist it daily and shake the bugger every time I was in the greenhouse which really seemed to help and it started setting fruit with gusto but then I started running out of year...............

What should I expect from these very early flower's ? Flower drop ? Tiny fruit ? Any advice gratefully received 🤔


My guess is they will drop... that's what I have when I get flowers on my overwintering plants...
Hi Guy's

Marc you were wrong ! 😳

This season I've been shaking my chinense as soon as I've seen flowers...........Marc I can report the first flowers "did" set fruit :dance:however they stayed tiny !


Can you see the tiny red Naga........I ended up with loads of them , I've since picked them all off and it's now covered in flowers again, just gave it a good dose if Tomorite feed so hopefully the next round of fruit will be bigger 🤞

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